Tally Exchange

Stake Tally Tokens

Tally Token as a Reward Token

There is a clear advantage with staking Tally Tokens in comparison with other tokens offered by similar platforms. Tally Token is a deflationary token. Most decentralised staking platforms offer native tokens as rewards. Those native tokens are literally minted as required therefore devaluing their currency making the token inflationary. They develop protocols in an attempt to offset the loss factor with methods such as regular token burning. What separates Tally Token from the rest is the fact that Tally Token cannot be minted out of thin air. The price of Tally Token will rise as more people buy and hold. Staking is a good way to hold your tokens and generate interest at the same time. There is only a limited total supply of 1 billion Tally Tokens.

Earn Interest (APY)

When you stake Tally Tokens, you are rewarded with more Tally Tokens. Please check Pools to find the current % rate of rewards. Although the interest rate is shown as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), users are offered an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) feature to help maximise earnings through manual recycling. What is APY? APY is the same as APR but with compound interest added on. The reason the APY is not displayed on Tally Pools is because stakers have the freedom to decide how often they would like to compound their tokens for higher rewards. The APY rate depends on compound frequency.

Example of APY @60% APR

Users compound manually on the platform
  • User compounds once per day: APY = 82.12%
  • User compounds once per week: APY = 81.59%
  • User compounds once per month: APY = 79.59%
  • User compounds quarterly: APY = 74.9%
  • User compounds once per year: APY = 60% (this is what banks offer you for your savings) Not the 60% 🤣 but the one time only compound.
Be aware of gas fees when compounding and factor it in when deciding the best time to make the transaction.

Tally Pools

The early bird catches the worm. It's the same with staking pools, although all who enter will acquire a decent yield; its the earliest participants who catch the best rates and reap the highest reward. How it works: Early stakers manage to get in on the crazy % rates gaining maximum interest. As more people enter the pool, the APR lowers. Later entrants bring the % rate down. Get in early. Tally Exchange has one of the highest APR rates in the business due to the ecosystem supporting the token.
With the added performance incorporated focusing on constant marketing, product development, partnerships and a buy back mechanism, there is a performance fee attached to staking in order to support the protocol to deliver longevity.
Keeping in line with competitors, Tally staking fees are capped at 2%. The Current rate is at 0.4%. All fees on Tally Exchange will never exceed 2%. Fees may fluctuate in order to help regulate a healthy and appealing APR. Being a deflationary token, the APR cannot be regulated by simply minting new tokens into existence, therefore fees are one aspect used to maintain a high ROI and attract more and more users. Whether the fees are as low as 0.4% or hits the higher rate, with high APR returns, rewards will quickly exceed fee values. Fees also react to the markets. It may rise in order to prevent flash attacks and dissuade bots looking to exploit the pool. One of the prime factors that may raise a fee is to use the higher rate as a mechanism to protect real human stakers. It is necessary at certain times to deter arbitrage opportunists from attempting to take advantage. See staking tables below. Staking fee
Currently set at 0.4%
Tally Exchange does not require users to lock in their funds when staking. Many exchanges have a penalty fee for withdrawing early as a forfeit, this is necessary for stability and safety. There is a staking fee attached to staking which is small enough to be recoupable within days of staking.
Users will see within a short length of time that the staking fee has been earned back. At that pojnt, stakers start to earn more than the stake fee and start seeing gains. Similar staking platforms apply a 72 hour minimum lock time.
Performance fee
Currently set at 0.4% 0.4%, subtracted automatically when unstaking.
The TALLY collected via the performance fee is directed towards marketing, maintenance and operations, and buyback reserves. This is a good thing for TALLY holders because it supports the token and helps to bring Tally Token to a wider audience by increasing awareness and growing the community as well as further project development.

The following table is for informational purposes only (figures are an approximation and differs according to market and current rates)

Stake Tally Earn Tally

These figures do not take compounding into consideration which will yield a higher return

Even at the highest fee rate there are high returns

These figures do not take compounding into consideration which will yield a higher return

How to Stake Tally Tokens

Step by step instructions:
  1. 1.
    Install a Metamask wallet. Take this step and return to this page to move to step 2. If you already have Metamask with BNB wallet installed, go straight to step 3
  2. 2.
    Add the BNB Network to your Metamask wallet. This is a very important step in order to interact with Tally Exchange. i - On your Metamask you will see at the top 'Ethereum Mainnet' click here.
    ii - Click Add Network
    iii - Complete the following fields for BNB wallet integration.
    Copy and paste the following: Network Name - BNB New RPC URL - https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/ Chain ID - 56 Currency Symbol - BNB Blockchain Explorer URL - https://bscscan.com Then Save Your Metamask can accept BNB tokens.
  3. 3.
    Buy Tally Tokens If you already own Tally Tokens, go straight to step 5 Token Address: 0xab15B3eeC70514308B0Ad65E8B760398c5839947 Direct link to purchase Tally Tokens: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCur rency=0xab15B3eeC70514308B0Ad65E8B7603 98c5839947 You will need BNB to purchase Tally Token on Pancakeswap
  4. 4.
    Bring your Tally Tokens into Metamask i - Click 'Import tokens' at the bottom of your wallet
    ii - Paste Tally Token contract address
    Tally Token Address: 0xab15B3eeC70514308B0Ad65E8B760398c5839947 The Token Symbol and Token Decimal will automatically populate. If not: Token Symbol - TALLY Token Decimal - 9
  5. 5.
    Once your tokens are in your BNB Wallet, visit the pools section in menu
  6. 6.
    Unlock Wallet
  7. 7.
    Once your wallet is connected, you will be prompted to Enable your Tally.
    Notice the APR changes once you are connected. APR rates fluctuate according to the number of stakers participating. The rate is automatically calculated by the platform. It said APR 60% on image 1, this is the target default rate Tally Exchange aims for. The actual rate could be higher or lower as you enter your stake. The bottom is set at APR 20%. The platform and team will work hard to bring the APR higher should it fall under.
  8. 8.
    Once you click on Enable, your wallet will reopen. If it doesn't reopen - revisit your wallet where you will find it awaiting your approval.
    The Tally Pool will open up
  9. 9.
    Enter the amount of Tally Tokens you would like to stake
Click Confirm on the Exchange and then return to your wallet to also Confirm. Follow the instructions confirming transactions on Metamask. Your tokens will be transferred to the Tally pool. You will see your Tally Tokens leave your wallet and enter the pool. Congratulations, you have staked your Tally Tokens.

You instantly start receiving rewards (interest)

🧑🏽‍🌾Harvest your rewards (Get Tally)

You are able to withdraw your interest without unstaking your Tally Tokens. Simply click Harvest to reap your rewards while leaving your principal stake in place to generate more rewards.

♻️Compound your rewards (Get even more Tally)

This feature is where the magic happens. Keep manually adding your rewards to your principal stake. This increases the amount of rewards you will earn back. Example:
  • Stake 1,000,000 Tally
  • Rewards Received = 1,643 Tally (in 24 hours) The rewards/interest based on the 1,000,000 stake
  • Compound the Rewards = 1,001,600 Staked The rewards will be added to your principal - 1,000,000
  • Rewards Received = 1,646 Tally (in 24 hours) The rewards/interest based on the new principal of 1,001,600 stake
This is done manually. It is your choice how often you compound. Keep in mind any gas fee that is charged by Binance for transaction. Although it will be very low, it should not be higher or equal to the reward value.

How to Unstake Tally Tokens ➖

Simply click Unstake (). This will both transfer the Tally you deposited into the pool back into your wallet. It will also add all the rewards you gained as interest (APY) to your wallet.
Staking is similar to savings in a bank. It allows for interest generation by acquiring more tokens in the flavour offered by each pool.
The idea is to acquire as many tokens as you can based on the APY offered.

Reach Tally Tier Status

Staking more than 1,250,000 Tally Tokens gives Tally Tier Status
This entitles Tier Holder to free access to all premium features available through products and services.