Tally Exchange

Add Liquidity (Airdrop Campaign)

0.17% Earning Potential - High APR rewards on LP Staking - Win a TallyNFT for providing

Become a Liquidity Provider with Tally Exchange and Win a TallyNFT

Be one of the first to Add Liquidity and be the first to earn high returns

1,000 TallyNFT GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to Tally Exchange for trading cryptocurrency – The SWAP platform with a difference

What do you get for adding liquidity and supporting Tally Exchange?
  • You will receive 0.17% portion of trading fees from TallySWAP
  • You will be eligible to win a TallyNFT when the NFT Marketplace launches. Automatic Draw Entry for early providers.

What separates Tally Exchange from other SWAPS

Firstly, Tally Exchange is a DEX

Decentralised Exchange. No KYC needed to trade on this platform. It is a community led, peer-to-peer platform where users provide tokens for other users to swap. Because the objective of this platform is to benefit all users, the protocol rewards all users.
  • Liquidity Provider: Receives 0.17% from the trading fee
  • Trader: Receives 0.03% worth of Tally Tokens on each trade called TallyBACK.
Everyone leaves Tally Exchange happy!
Unique Features
Other than the standard features expected from any DEX, there are innovative products/services hosted on the platform provided by partnerships. Many of the products are aimed at users from all backgrounds as well as attracting people who are not necessarily crypto orientated.

Tally Pay DeFi

Hosted on Tally Exchange
The third partnership
Tally Pay DeFi is a online storage facility similar to a bank but fully decentralised, where users deposit their funds. Discover Tally Pay DeFi Organic Traffic Account holders visit Tally Exchange to access their accounts. TallySWAP is the most convenient place for account holders to trade. Why?
Because they are already on the platform. They are either depositing their tokens or making withdrawals. Tally Pay DeFi uses $Tally as their utility token. TallySWAP is the first place their customers visit to purchase Tally Tokens. Tally Token is a favourable choice for a liquidity pair.

Income Prospects as a Liquidity Provider

  • When you provide the liquidity required for TallySWAP, you receive a receipt for your tokens. The receipt allows you to remove your tokens from the Tally Exchange at any time.
  • You will earn a portion of the trading volume according to the tokens you provide. The fees you receive is your passive income. The tokens sitting in your crypto wallet earn nothing. It is an idea to put them to work on Tally Exchange.
  • Tally Pay DeFi offers incentives encouraging their account holders to use TallySWAP. Take advantage of the visitors to Tally Exchange using this platform for the purpose to deposit and withdraw their crypto funds. Tally Exchange could be the One Stop Shop.
  • Account Holders are aware of the TallyBACK reward for trading on TallySWAP. It's a no brainer to traders where best to swap. If TallySWAP is liquid, the community will together Earn Back Better.
If you are the provider of the token they require, you earn 0.17% of transaction fee.


With other Exchanges. a transaction fee is charged for each trade. This is normal practice and a requirement in order to sustain the platform and performance. On TallySWAP, traders are rewarded with Tally Tokens each time they make a trade. This reward is called TallyBACK. It works similar to credit card rewards.
TallyBACK Claim Box

It's a no-brainer where best to trade.

If you are the provider of the token they require, you earn 0.17% of transaction fee


Tally Exchange aims to be a platform where users expect to find the token they require. In order to achieve this target, communities are needed to store their tokens on the Exchange. All tokens are welcome, the more the better.
  • When you provide your tokens, you receive a receipt for your tokens. The receipt allows you to remove your tokens from the Tally Exchange at any time.
  • You can earn a portion of trading fees as a passive income. Tokens sitting in your crypto wallet earns nothing.

How much liquidity should you provide?

Before TallySWAP opens, we are looking for people to show support by being the first to provide the liquidity needed to operate. As a reward for early adopters, all providers will be entered into the TallyNFT Prize Draw on top of the earning potential as a Liquidity Provider. There is no minimum liquidity. Many small deposits add up to a big deposit. Together as a community, with peer-to peer collaboration and cooperation, we can compete with the big institutions. Big deposits will earn you bigger potential by receiving a bigger portion of the pie.

Which Initial Liquidity is needed?

All coins and tokens are required and welcome. However, the tokens below are most popular trading pairs and most wanted.
To discover how adding pairs work, read explainer : How To Add Liquidity

Interested in Entering the TallyNFT Prize Draw?

Complete the form to indicate that you are willing to provide liquidity and become one of the first Liquidity Providers. TallySWAP will open when 10,000 Liquidity Provider target is reached.