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How to Stake Liquidity

Farming is a passive income opportunity that allows you to multiply crypto with high APYs by providing liquidity to a chosen pair of tokens.
Once you have provided the liquidity on Tally Exchange you receive LP tokens which can be later staked to Enable Farm and earn you extra passive income on top of the income you receive from trading fees. You receive Tally Token rewards. See examples.
Let's go step-by-step to guide you and so you can gain a better understanding of farming. The BNB-TALLY Farming Pair will be used in this guide.

In order to enable any farming pair, you need to have LP tokens that is obtained via liquidity provision on the platform. A farming pair consists of two tokens.
The liquidity needs to be provided for two tokens. You cannot provide for one token. This is because there is a direct correlation between the exact combination of liquidity you provide with the exact supply and demand provided on TallySWAP. Let's say you provide BNB-TALLY, you will receive your earnings every time someone uses BNB to purchase TALLY, and vice versa. The beauty of the Tally Protocol is the relationship between Provider and Trader. The Provider earns 0.17% of each trade on their provided pair AND the Trader earns Tally Tokens of 0.03% on their purchase. Earnings on both sides. On the trading side, this is called TallyBACK.
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Enter the Farming Pool and Get your Free Tally Tokens as Rewards with High APY

  1. 1.
    Find BNB-TALLY Farming Pair and click the Get LP button
You will be automatically transferred to the Liquidity page where you can provide liquidity for BNB-TALLY tokens in the farming pair.
2. Enter the equivalent amount of each token from the farming pair and click the Approve WBNB button
❗️ We use WBNB on the BEP-20 network, Binance Smart Chain. So BNB (BEP-2) tokens need to be wrapped (become WBNB) to provide liquidity. You may wrap BNB to WBNB by making a swap on the Tally Exchange. (If not available, visit Pancakeswap.finance).
3. Approved WBNB click the Supply button
4. Click Confirm Supply button
Success! Stake your LP tokens in the BNB-TALLY Farming Pair to start receiving FREE TALLY
5. Click Stake LP tokens under BNB-TALLY Farming pair to Enable the BNB-TALLY Farming Pair and start receiving TALLY rewards


Any trading pair can be impacted by volatility. Therefore, it is possible that liquidity providers can occasionally experience a temporary loss on their funds.
Impermanent loss is also a subject to investigate. It displays how much more value a user would have had if the liquidity were held instead of farmed. It is temporary and not permanent because it is dependent on the dynamic of the pool. It is worked out according to the difference in the amount of each token pair in the pool which changes according to trade. Example: If there are 1000 BNB and 10,000 USDT in a Pool initially, the ratio changes with trade. Let's look at a TallySWAP trade:
  • Someone puts 10 BNB in the Pool and takes 1000 USDT. The pool dynamic changes.
  • Now the Pool = 1010 BNB and 9,000 USDT. The value of the pool remains constant but if you were to redeem your liquidity at this point, you would receive a different ratio than you entered.
  • You would receive fewer USDT and more BNB than you entered. This is not necessarily a bad situation unless one of the tokens is very volatile. The more stable each token is in the pair, the less risk.
  • Keep in mind: Farmers are earning trading fees and receiving free Tally Tokens. These two income streams can offset any impermanent loss that could occur.
Undoubtedly, the DeFi is educating the masses on how big institutions earn the big bucks. It shows how high interest is achieved and they offer their account holders little to nothing on their savings. There are many ways to earn passively. However, no one is insured against possible risks connected with impermanent loss. Welcome to Tally Exchange.

You can easily find Live Farming Pairs that you can join and if you don't find a pair, you can open a new pair.: New pairs are welcome.