Tally Exchange

How to Remove Liquidity

You wish to collect the rewards you have gained from staking your LP Tokens and remove your Liquidity from the Farm.

The Procedure

  1. 1.
    Harvest your LP Tokens by clicking on Harvest button. This will claim your Tally Token earnings.
2. Unstake your LP tokens by clicking on the Unstake button.
3. Enter the number of tokens that you would like to Unstake and Confirm your decision.
4. Go to the Liquidity tab, find your Liquidity, and click on the arrow. If you don't see your liquidity - Click on Import it!
5. Click on the Remove button.
6. Move the slider to regulate the sum you want to unstake
7. Approve the unstaking amount.
8. Press the Remove button.
9. Confirm the operation.
10. Confirm the transaction in your BSC wallet.
11. Your Liquidity is removed and sent to your wallet.