Tally Exchange

Why Buy Tally Token?

Contract Address: 0xab15B3eeC70514308B0Ad65E8B760398c5839947
The short answer: Because it is unlike other tokens.
The fuller answer: See below

The Tokenomics

BUY and SELL % can alter slightly to encourage buying pressure. It will never go beyond 20%
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 There is a limit. Only one billion Tally Tokens will ever exist. Tally Tokens cannot be created, printed or minted. Where there is scarcity there is value.

Passive Income (Reflections)

Tally Token is not unique with its passive income feature. The difference is found in the route Tally Token is navigating in order to achieve passive income for holders. Each time Tally Token is purchased, every holder receives a share of the purchase which counts as your passive income. Passive income is sent to your wallet instantly. You will see the amount of tokens in your wallet increase in real time.

Staking Tally Tokens

Looking for a way to earn interest? Take a look at staking options.
Rates are incredible but most importantly, they are real. Tally makes more Tally. Staking is another way to see your tokens grow and grow. This is comparable to generating interest. As a reward for being part of the Tally Token Community and locking your tokens in a Tally Pool, you are rewarded with more Tally Tokens. You are looking at APR rates 25%-90%+ dependent on how soon you enter the pool. In any case, it is far higher than any bank or financial institution product. What can you do with your token rewards?
  1. 1.
    Harvest Only withdraw the interest and keep the rest of your tokens in the pool generating more rewards.
  2. 2.
    Compound Take your rewards and add it to your principal stake. This allows you to generate even more interest because your principal is higher. You are able to compound your rewards as often as you like, it is a manual process.
  3. 3.
    Cash Out - Take it all Of course keeping your tokens staked is what we the community would like all holders to do. The high rates is a good reason to do so. However, it is no secret that the whole objective of staking is to make gains and enjoy the profits. You can withdraw your stake and rewards at any time. Locking tokens is not a requirement on Tally Exchange. Removing tokens can be done at any time.
Tally Pools offer high APRs.

Owning Tally Tokens Provide Communal Income

Tally Token was founded to be of benefit to societies through useful use cases. Branded the Youtility token, community focus is always the first priority. The main agenda: To bring innovative products and services onto the market. The end game: To generate a sustainable revenue for Tally Token holders that can withstand the test of time. As a Currency One of the main objectives is for Tally Token to be used as a currency accepted for products and services both in-house and through partnerships. Each time Tally Tokens are used to purchase goods, products, or services; revenue is shared between all Tally Token holders. It operates in the same way as the automated passive income that is generated when Tally Token is traded; every holder receives their share of revenue instantly into their wallets in real time. Passive income is not paid out daily, weekly, monthly or annually; passive is received immediately into holders' wallets. That's Youtility!

Exclusive Access and Premium Features

As Tally Token ages, there will be more products, services, discounts and opportunities available to Tally Token holders. Certain products offer premium features making them free for Tally Token holders To be classed as a Tally Token holder requires a set amount of tokens to be staked in a Tally Pool. See Tally Tiers for further information.
Become a Tally Token Holder
NFT Marketplace and Launchpad (Coming Soon) It is a requirement to be a Tally Token holder to access the launchpad and get exclusive early bird access to the best investment opportunities. Fee discounts are given in the marketplace according to Tier class. And there you go. 1. Tally Tokens generate income to all holders each time another Tally is purchased or traded. 2. Tally Tokens generate yield when staked in Tally Pools 3. Every Tally Token holder receives a share of all revenue generated by Tally Token through use as a currency. Join the Tally Token community - Buy Tally Token